Basic Google Ads Management Package

Basic Google Ads Management Package

500,00  / Months

Maximize your online impact with our Google Ads Management Packages. Ranging from Basic to Advanced, we provide targeted Google Ads campaign creation and optimization, comprehensive analytics, tracking, and detailed reporting. Our packages include Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager setup, with services tailored to fit your ad spend budget. Ideal for enhancing digital presence, improving ad performance, and driving ROI.

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Basic Package:

  • Price: $500/month
  • Ad Spend Limit: Up to $2,500
  • What’s Included:
    • Campaign setup and basic ad structure.
    • Google Analytics 4 setup.
    • Basic Google Tag Manager integration.
    • Three custom tracking goals.
    • Monthly performance and campaign effectiveness reports.
  • Benefits: Ideal for small businesses or startups aiming to establish a foundational online presence and essential metrics tracking.
  • Special Offer: Discount on tracking services for ongoing Google Ads campaign management.

Additional Services (Available for all packages):

  • Setup Fee: $1,000 (one-time fee)
  • Extra Tracking Goals: $25 per goal
  • E-commerce Purchase Tracking: $100
  • Cross-Domain Tracking: $100
  • Custom CMS Tracking: $150
  • External Platforms Tracking: $200 (including platforms like Teachable, Calendly, Rezdy, etc.)
Package Type

Basic, Standard, Advanced

PlaceholderBasic Google Ads Management Package
500,00  / Months
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